Lychee Slush

Lychee Slush

Hey there, did you catch the memo about lychee? It's basically the Beyoncé of fruits, and it totally owns its 'Queen of Fruits' title!

Think of lychee as your superhero sidekick in the kitchen. It's got this magical combo of antioxidants and nutrients that do all sorts of good stuff for your body. We're talking digestion boost, immunity support, blood pressure management, and even anti-cancer powers. Yup, it's like the ultimate multitasker in fruit form.

So, if you're looking to add a little superstar action to your kitchen, lychee's your go-to. It's not just tasty; it's a wellness champ.


  • Lychee Whipped Cream Charger
  • 2 oz of simple syrup
  • 2 oz of lemon juice
  • 2 oz of lime juice
  • 2 oz lychee syrup (liquid from a can)
  • 2 lychees
  • 3 cups of ice

Supplies Needed

Whipped Cream Dispenser
Pressure Regulator


Alright, let's break down the guest list for our lychee slush party:

1. Simple syrup: It's as basic as it sounds – just mix up equal parts boiling water and sugar, stir until it's clear, and boom, you've got simple syrup. Sure, you can grab a ready-made bottle from the store, but making it at home is the budget-friendly move, especially if you've got some sugar and hot water on standby.

2. Lemon and lime juice: Fresh is the name of the game here. Squeeze those lemons and limes for the ultimate zing in your lychee slush. You won't need a crazy amount, just a few lemons or limes will do the trick. No need to go buying gallons of juice – keep it fresh and fancy.

3. Lychee: The star of the show! You've got options here. You can go for pre-made lychee syrups, canned lychees lounging in liquid, or go all-in with fresh lychees. If you choose the fresh route, be ready to use a bit more since they won't bring the extra juice to the party. Somewhere in the ballpark of 6-8 lychees should do it. Just hit up your local grocery store and see what's in stock – the key is to enjoy the flavor!

4. Blender: Don't fret if you don't have a blender in your kitchen arsenal. We've got a hack for you! Toss all your ingredients into a shaker tin, give it a good shake until it's icy cold, strain it, pour it over fresh ice, and voila! You'll still be in flavor heaven with those lychee floral notes and zesty lemon-lime vibes.

5. Dispenser and Regulator: Of course, who are we without the guest runner-up. You need these to infuse that intense lychee flavor into the slushy to ensure maximum N2O yum.


This recipe? It's practically impossible to mess up. Seriously, give it your own twist. Here are some ideas:

  1. Sweet Tooth Alert: Want your slush on the sweeter side? No problemo. Add more simple syrup for that sweet, sweet symphony. You can even sneak in extra lychee juice if you're all about that lychee goodness.

  2. Nitrous Overload: Make sure to get the Lychee flavor by infusing our Cream Chargers. Attach the charger to the dispenser and with the regulator, and boom. Instant flavor straight from us.

  3. Sour Power: Craving some pucker-worthy action? Dial down the simple syrup and crank up the lime and lemon action. Turn that slush into a sour sensation that'll wake up your taste buds.

  4. On the Rocks, Baby: Not in the mood for blending? No worries! Grab a shaker tin, toss in all your ingredients, give it a good shake, and pour it over fresh ice. It's like a lychee cocktail party on the rocks.

  5. Get Your Flavor Game On: The beauty of this recipe? It's your flavor playground. Mix, match, experiment. Find that perfect balance that dances on your taste buds and makes you go, "Yep, that's the one!"

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